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アイソレーションタンク 東京



Reservation is required in advance.


60min corse : ¥9,000

90min corse : ¥13,000

120min corse : ¥16,000

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It will be about 1 hour plus the course time of your reservation.

The flow of a floating tank session is as follows

There will be a pre-explanation about 10 minutes after your visit.

Please wash your hair without treatment before the float.

Please bring your own cosmetics as we do not provide them.
And don't forget to go to the restroom.

Please cover any cuts or scars on your body with gel or a band-aid before entering the float tank.

If you have long hair, please use the disposable hair ties provided.

We have also prepared contact lens cleaning solution (with a case) for one day, so please feel free to use it.

The Epsom salt water solution in the tank stings if it gets into a wound or the eyes.

Please wipe your face and hair a little. We provide earplugs.

After your float session is over, please leave the earplugs behind.
I will keep it as your ear plug.

Please warm up a bit before entering.

Stretch, Take a deep breath, etc.Enter the tank, when you are ready.

Be sure to drink water before entering.

When the sound starts flowing from the tank, it begins. It will flow for 10 minutes.

Once you are inside the tank, please take several slow, deep breaths. Then gradually return to your natural breathing. Inside the tank, please forget about work and focus on deep relaxation. If any thoughts come up, redirect your awareness back to your breathing. You will soon notice that the tension in your body begins to unwind.

Five minutes before the end, the same sound that started at the beginning will play again. When the sound stops, the session is over.

When the water circulation starts, please make sure to exit the tank.
When you exit the tank, be sure to close the lid

After the session is over, please return to the waiting area within 30 minutes after taking a shower and preparing yourself.
Please make sure to thoroughly rinse off the Epsom salt water solution after using the tank. Also, feel free to use the provided treatments.

There are cotton swabs available for removing moisture from your ears.
There is also a hair dryer available for use.


■You can enter the room from 5 minutes before the reservation time.
If you are significantly late, you may not be able to use the service. Thank you for your understanding.

■Please wash your whole body in the shower room before use. Please ask him to remove your makeup. (Please bring your own makeup tools if necessary)

■Please wear the earplugs provided to prevent inflammation during floating. Please refrain from using it if you have an ear disease.
Please note that the aqueous solution (Epsom salt) in the floating tank will sting if it gets in your wounds or eyes.

■If you fall under any of the following, you cannot use this service.
(We ask for his understanding for safe use. If you have any concerns about your physical condition, please consult a doctor in advance.)

・People with weak semicircular canals may get drunk while floating.
・Those with serious illnesses
・Those currently undergoing treatment
・Those with infectious diseases or skin diseases
・Those who have a tingling sunburn
・Those who are menstruating
・Early pregnancy and breastfeeding
・Those who have had coloring or perming within one week
・Those who have had facial or body hair removal within a few days
・Those who have consumed alcohol
・Those who have a fever of 37.5 degrees or higher on the day
・Those who have been diagnosed as positive for the new coronavirus within 3 weeks
・Those who have traveled overseas within the past 14 days
・Those who are under follow-up after being informed that they are infected or have been in close contact with the new coronavirus from the public health center, etc.

※Please refrain from drinking beverages containing caffeine one hour before the float.
※If any waste or bodily fluids are discharged inside the float tank, or if coloring agents or other substances that cannot be removed by the filtration system are mixed with the Epsom salt water solution, a fee of 100,000 yen will be charged. This fee covers the cost of replacing the Epsom salt water solution in the float tank with a fresh one.




1-10 Shinonome,koto Ward,Tokyo

Shinonome Canal Court CODAN No. 11 Building 222

Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line, 9 minutes' walk from the Tatsumi Station

JR Rinkai Line, 11 minutes' walk from the Shinonome Station

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